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WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup - Black

  Details WD My Passport Ultra 1TB (WDBZFP0010BBK) - Black.
Within the

     Portable hard drive
     USB cable
     WD SmartWare Pro software
     Quick Install Guide

Keep a record store, then it would also flow WD My Passport Ultra 1TB (WDBZFP0010BBK) - Black Portable Storage Whether your files. Audio file or even any compact movie files with the backed up data automatically.


Either version 2
Compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 with this drive alone. You can use it with USB 3.0 models. Also compatible with USB 2.0 motherboard designs with dimensions 11.05 x 1.54 x 8.2 cm.

Has worked with Windows® 8
WD My Passport Ultra 1TB (WDBZFP0010BBK) - Black worked effectively with Windows® 8 apps with WD Windows 8 allows you to search for digital media files stored on the drive, My Passport Ultra PC with Windows. 8's easily Your content is represented and organized so that you can find and enjoy videos, photos and music easily.

Protect your files
WD Security ™ allows you to set password protection and hardware encryption for your drive to protect your files from unauthorized access or use without permission. 3 year warranty

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Update 23/02/14 - Okay fellow Amazon shoppers, I broke down in some of the comments that have been posted in my comments and upping my star rating to four stars. The reason being that the price of the drive helps volatile storage is that it is often a good deal less than other drives out there. I have modified a bit to accommodate the review. The drive itself is working like a champ for me so far and I have no complaints. But I'm still holding out one star because most of the reasons that I stated in checking my original WD SmartWare of software is still garbage even with the latest update / patch and I'm stuck. the story of the packaging to mislead non-technical.

I have been using a portable drive, Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB for about three years now and want something with some more space and a higher transfer speed. I bought this drive for a fat 2 TB of storage and USB 3.0 interface is faster.

Out of the box, you get to drive 15 "USB 3.0 cable and soft bag quick installation guide and a 3-year limited warranty drives., Look great and seem to be of good construction. Does not look or Felt cheaply made. I like how compact it is. It is about an inch shorter in length than the FreeAgent Go, and I could millimeter or two thick. Bag of soft as well as a great addition and will help keep dust and dirt out of it.'s Not the ideal solution for situations where you are likely to drop or something rather rude to your property, so you may want. where to invest in more rugged. It works fine for me, even when I make mine in a pocket when on the go. And it was also good considering most other drives do not come with anything. Included USB cable is long enough to plug into the USB port on the front of my computer and access to the surface of my desk. Give a thumbs up

Previous My Passport 2TB Ultra running ads. Around 3x faster transfer rates than USB 2.0 drive, I noticed a difference in speed when transferring large files (1-5GB +) takes only 2-3 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes or longer. more, depending on the file size. I work with large media files throughout the day to bump up the transfer speed is really good. The drive is very quiet while running. You will not know what it is but little to the right of the LED port to USB.

So why only four stars? Hardware wise Passport Ultra is different from the normal WD's My Passport portable drive. They're the exact same drive, only slightly different in appearance. What passport normally absent from ultra Bag is soft label Ultra, and labeling misunderstanding of WD in the making, "Automatic Backup Cloud Security Plus". "Automatic" backup is. only means of backup software WD as abysmal drive WD SmartWare (more on that later), the "cloud" backup as instructions for setting up an account with the DropBox no kidding! They're advertising the cloud storage on the front of their packaging that it is a feature they're offering. Flip the box over and you will see that it is nothing more than an advertising gimmick for DropBox with instructions on how to set up an account.

WD Smartware backup software included, they should consider changing the name to Dumbware or Stupidware because it was not working. The software should keep the files and folders on your computer you sync with your passport, meaning when a file is updated or a new file is added Smartware should see those changes and updates. files on your passport the next time you sync Unfortunately, the current version of Smartware an error does not notice file that just updates or anything and was not copied to the drive you on. you sync the whole thing useless. People have been complaining about this in the forum for the support of WD and WD now has not been known to customers about issues in the forum or resolve with updated or corrected. This is admittedly not very much!

Edit 23/02/14: Despite a new update for WD Smartware (v2.2.1 Update 11/25/13), which is supposed to "fix the files are not supported correctly in some cases" also. does not work properly. After the update software often hangs or freezes up all the time too. So I set up the WD SmartWare software, I hope I can use Software Manager with Seagate drives that I have never had a problem with the software.

In summary, the WD My Passport 2TB external drives Ultra portable drive is really good. It is small, fast and quiet, and works as advertised. The drive retails for $ 30 more than a regular passport of the same capacity. What you really get the extra $ 30 stupid ultra soft bags, labeling the drive and the feeling you get done sucking believe this product is much more than it appears to be. To save yourself a few dollars and get a regular passport 2TB and put at $ 30 per case for better protection.

Edit 02/23/14: Depending on when you buy drives the price may be cheaper than other drive less. In this situation, my opinion about the price, the more expensive it is irrelevant. If you find that the drive is in all of this without a purchase. It was a great drive, especially at a bargain price!

- There is a small store in a compact form.
- USB 3.0 transfer speed for large media files!
- INTEGRAL keeps dirt and dust.
- Included USB cable is long enough for some players.

- Labeling misleading.
- Drives like a regular passport, except for pockets and ultra mark.
- Automatic backup software WD SmartWare software is junk. Does not work as advertised! Take a backup 3rd party backup.