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Celltone Snail Gel 1.41 oz by Celltone

  • CELLTONE SNAIL CREAM is a unique product in cosmetology. It contains hypoallergenic and protein components of organic, natural origin.
  • CELLTONE SNAIL CREAM is a natural skin care product for application on the skin (topical). It gets rid of microbes and blocks their pathway into your system.
  • CELLTONE SNAIL CREAM is not a pharmaceutical antibiotic that may create bacterial resistance. The active ingredient contains specific peptides with anti-microbial properties that act as natural antibiotics. These small portions of protein provide the body's first line of defense against invading bacteria and keep fast-moving infections in check.
  • CELLTONE SNAIL CREAM is effective against different types of bacteria commonly found in human skin infections, such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomona Aeruginosa, and Propionibacterium Acnes. It also destroys fungus and virus and thereby helps to heal warts.
  • CELLTONE SNAIL CREAM also contains in a natural bio-available form, the most valued skin-care-ingredients, the cosmetic and dermatology industry has thrived to combine for a healthy and beautiful skin; they are Allantoin, Collagen Elastin, Glycolic Acid, Natural Antibiotics, Proteins & Vitamins.
CELLTONE a natural cream patented gathered from the secretions of a snail HELIX aspersa the same, these are used by the snail to quickly regenerate it's shell, and whenever the body has been damaged or infected. The new cream is wonderful most valued ingredients natural skin care cosmetic and dermatology industries work hard to be included in their products, these ingredients Allantoin, collagen, elastin, natural antibiotics. peptides, proteins, vitamins and glycolic acid. Unlike chemicals and drugs, all these ingredients in a bio-available form, totally compatible with living cells that are present in natural and unique. The best solution for adult and adolescent acne (acne, pimples, blackheads), the treatment of acne scars, aging wrinkles, keratosis pilaris, burn scar reduction scar keloid age spots Keratosis actinic, rosacea skin irritations, melasma. , minor cuts etc are naturally anti-microbial and renew skin to eliminate acne and acne scars, restoring healthy skin quickly and kills microbes always ready to intrude. when the skin is injured either by acne inflammation. (Due to clogged pores), accident, scratching, burns or any other cause. When an injury occurs, and opportunistic bacteria, viruses or other harmful foreign invades the body's immune system dispatches soldier cells to the point of attack. White blood cells called neutrophils cover potential intruders and release oxygen radicals to destroy them CELLTONE acts as an exfoliant eliminating dead cells, destroys pathogens, heals and regeneration of damaged tissue. It nourishes your skin and protects it from free radicals. Increase the elasticity of the skin and leaves it soft and soothing CELLTONE snail cream restores the skin renewal process by stimulating cell disease. The result is a healthier appearance of the skin with more thickness, a normal skin color, normal skin and normal skin tissue.

 By Vivienne Nabarro on January 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought it for my partner who had Cancer removed from his face and I know it removes scars. Not only did it do that but also removed the red veins from his nose which now looks great. Tried it on my age blemishes too and they are much lighter. 
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