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Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner, Clear, 72" x 72"

I never thought I would write a review about absorbency. But this one deserves more credit. I have absorbency and delicate, I picked up from the store is a bulls eye for more than $ 10 that can absorb water, so thin that when you open the oil prices are and you can not get it to stay off (Posted thin) it (. absorbency and older) with suction cups, but if it is too light, it does not matter if it is blown around, I was in search of the truth that is in place. I ordered one a few months back and clear as soon as we get it noticed the weight of the carrier. It is hard work But not too heavy Heavy enough to stay in place! I noticed it did not have suction cups on the bottom and always liked them. But in this case, the airline has suction cups do not have enough weight. Liner is in place, all the time! After buying it at the regular price, I noticed that it was an agreement to reduce the weight a few weeks later and pick one up when it is time to change. Did not hold true to say that no mildew of it! Mine is a little soap built on. But I still use bar soap. I rinse with the shower head was removed from the bath. But there are also some soap scum on it. But not too bad I have a removable shower head is cleaned with cleaning by spraying a cleaning solution in it and they came back with a detachable shower head. It took some of the soap scum. However, not all I think it is the soap I use, you may not experience this problem. I have bought a clear shower liners for the year and have to say that this is one of the best. I'm glad I got back up, although I did not expect to have to change the one I am using right now. For the same price you can go to the store, well known locally and was really flimsy liner or spend the same amount for a well constructed and heavy weight that actually works! Bought two of these, I will not buy another cheap brand again. This is the brand for me

Update 3 September 2012: Add 2 March 2012: I want to add me to absorb water, 14 September 2009 and write my opinions shortly after the airline as I have long since then. It is not in any mildew. I've tried to be clear in my washing machine. But it does not remove soap scum, again it is the soap that I use. I do not have hard water, either. I can not say I buy a replacement because I did not think it would last long. Tonight I removed the liner I bought in September of 2009 and was put up. It is the only airline I noticed many people leaving comments about clearing liner, which I'll admit, I was myself. But it left it to the wrinkles out of the washing machine. I also read a dry mop of them in the comments section of the Company not to, this is something that dates back to read what I wrote it exactly as it is on the label of any company and not me ". Care instructions for maintenance: Wipe clean with a sponge or cloth with warm soapy mixture, anti-bacterial soap. To remove oil and soap residue. Do not iron or put in the dryer.

This warranty is guaranteed against all defects, including failure to prevent mildew 15 months to take proper care instructions are followed. "

I know people recommend washing I do for myself. I have since been submitted to the drying of it and the other one is good enough to suggest putting it in the dryer with a wet towel any heat. I think that is a good idea. I do not want to add that it lasted more than a guarantee September 2009 until March of 2012 that was not nice to me. This is still the only airline that I would buy.

 We have a bathroom with a small window facing north, with continued use for shower or bath (2 adults and 2 children and young), so we tend to fight mold and mildew problems. only But the glue bath and shower, but until now has shower curtain liners. We tend to be the ones that you can clean. (Ended up tearing up after washing) or buy one that felt wrong to throw away.

I decided to try this out, do not expect much but after 6 months of continuous use, not one indication of mildew! Amazing! Finally, products that deliver on that promise. This is one of those things that you would expect to see on late night infomercials by a sleazy depravity, huckster, but this one actually does what it promises.

Highly recommended

UPDATE After a year and a half of use ... still a little strong, and only a few of mildew, which can be removed easily. I feel kind of crazy harping on about this shower curtain. But as I said before, there is something in this day and age, that's not true /'s what it said in the market is worthy of praise. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever need to buy a shower curtain, and I bet the producers are questioning whether they should have done something good to the lack of buying replacements!

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