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14 children arrested "crayfish Lobby State Marseille legend" has a blue like Pokemon.

Meghan LaPlante 14 year old girl has to do what the world is stunned. Because she can catch shrimp "Blue Lobster" is considered one of the most rare. It only occurs only 1 in 2 million. If a Pokemon It is known that these Shrimp. "Legendary Pokemon" it.

Bisque is named "Sky Sailor" (Skyler).

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Meghan recently m. Late In the summer holidays Miss Mehgans Lobster Catch her ​​at her suddenly came upon this lobster. She interviews that "I knew it would be extremely rare. And I've never seen it before. "

This is her And in her hand was the Skyler.

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 See their skin color is really beautiful, it was party to the Maine State Aquarium.
 In fact, this is a rare lobster in the world, it is believed that albino lobster According to the University of Maine, only one in one hundred million lobsters are born with no color at all.

If you come to our home Inevitable, the incense the lottery anyways.

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