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Battlefield 4 + Battlefield 4 Premium [Online Game Code] Electronic Arts (47)

When in March 2014 the past, EA has released a policy to appease gamers is On the House of Thailand's policy to provide free of charge. It is the policy of the old game to Share gamers have played the free of charge. In the game, they will own any game now. No questions any condition In the past, EA brings the old game Samaj free interval. And received a fairly good response. However, most people are interested, but this is yet to play a pestle. Because it is an old game that is long enough already. Most gamers have played out there.

Because of this, the EA would add new policies to appease gamers who like to play with new It's Game Time is a policy issue, try to play new games. For a limited time In fact, it was not a new policy because competitors Origin and Steam, it has long been, but the Steam then it would be because most of the lower prices than it is here, Origin, EA's vantage point at the Policy Forum. Easier Because the game under the camp itself by the first 2 games at EA giving free trial is BattleField 4 at a time, try to play up to 7 days, and the other game is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, try to play two days, both in this game until to download. On August 14, 2014
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