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Irish Grey Mare by Sir Alfred James Munnings (Oil)


Sir Alfred James Munnings.

Munnings was born and grew up in rural Suffolk, England, to demonstrate their ability to art at a young age of 14, he also visited a lithograph of Brother page design posters and began to study painting. the Norwich school of Art at night in 1899, he entered the Royal Academy summer exhibition will be accepted with much acclaim. He soon won the favor for portraits, his horse cute animal drawings these wonders in a variety of functions and situations, yet always staying true to the natural beauty and gentle nature of them.
About this artwork

The elegance and power of the horse is captured brilliantly in painting this outstanding by Sir James Alfred Munnings artist considered one of the painters of the world's greatest Irish Grey Mare is an example of the superiority of that. incredible souvenirs Munnings' for interpreting the spirit of the animal, these bosses in his paintings. Training in his early years as a lithograph depicting his level of fluency that breathe life into this wonderful work. Despite the obvious size and strength of her Munnings able to capture the movement of horses with unparalleled realism as she walked along the path with graceful steps.
Product Specifications
Specifications artwork
Medium Oil
Small, medium oil on canvas
The height 25 inches
30 inches wide
The signature lower right
The height 30.375 inches
35.125-inch wide frame
2-inch frame depth
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