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Kaspersky Pure 3-User

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Kaspersky Pure 3-User

List Price: $89.95

Discount Price: $19.85

Products by : Kaspersky Lab

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  • Kaspersky PURE Total Security provides award-winning protection against all Internet threats
  • Defends against identity theft with unique password vault, virtual keyboard, and anti-phishing features.
  • Secure treasured assets with backup and encryption to prevent loss, theft, or corruption
  • Keeps your kids safe and responsible with award-winning parental controls
  • Keeps your system running smoothly with special clean-up tools; manage networked machines from a single PC

Product Descriptions

Format: Box
Platform: Windows

All in one PC protection

Product Information

[Protects Up to 3 PCs - 1 Year of Protection]

Kaspersky Pure provides total protecting for your digital life.  It delivers advanced PC protection with all the tools you need to secure your information on your computer.  With the unique Home Network Control, Kaspersky Pure makes it easy to mange the security of every PC in your home from one PC.  Keep your kids safe with parental controls and defend against identity theft with the password vault.  Kaspersky Pure even helps you keep your system running smoothly with special clean-up tools.

Product Highlights
  • PC Protection - Get true peace of mind with hourly updates, real-time cloud-enabled scanning, and advanced proactive detection of unknown threats.
  • Parental Controls - Remotely monitor and/or limit your kids' activities and social networking from your PC, and ensure they're safe and acting responsibly online.
  • Password Manager - Simply remember one master password and Kaspersky Pure will take of the rest - generating strong passwords, encrypting your account information, and automatically logging you in to websites.
  • Virtual Keyboard - Protect your credit cards and bank information with Kaspersky Pure's on-screen Virtual Keyboard, eliminating keystrokes that can be tracked by hackers.
  • Backup and Restore - Protect your digital valuables in case your hard drive crashes or you PC is lost or stolen.  Schedule automatic backups to any external drive or USb.
  • Data Encryption - You can't always control who has access to your PC.  Encrypt your sensitive personal information, so it's never vulnerable to others.
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    Kaspersky PURE Total Security is the most advanced all-in-one security software for your PC, family and home network. We've combined our award-winning protection--optimized for maximum PC performance--with advanced tools that keep your kids safe and responsible online, and your passwords, digital identity, and treasured data secure. Plus, with our unique, centralized control center, you can easily maintain the security of all PCs in your home network. With Kaspersky PURE, you have everything you need to keep you and your family completely protected.
    Kaspersky PURE Total Security
    Kaspersky PURE Total Security is the most advanced all-in-one security software for your PC, family and home network. Click here for a larger image

    Total Protection for Your Digital Life

    Award-Winning Protection Plus Maximum Performance
    Exceptional PC security starts with a powerful database of malware signatures to combat any viruses thrown your way. Kaspersky delivers small, frequent updates to your security databases to guarantee your constant protection while maintaining maximum PC performance. Combined with real-time, cloud-based scanning of files, Internet downloads, and email attachments, Kaspersky's leading technologies ensure you're always safe from viruses, spyware, trojans, and more.
    Centrally Manage Multiple PCs
    Managing the security of your home network is a breeze. From one PC, you can easily view and maintain the security tasks for all the PC's in your home. Run scans, updates, and back-up tasks, fix security issues, remotely manage parental controls, and even update your PURE license throughout your home. Maintaining your home's PC security has never been easier or more convenient.
    Protect Your Family
    Keep your kids safe and responsible with advanced parental controls. Easily monitor, block, and/or limit communications via email, IM, and social networks. Block access to applications, games, and web sites with inappropriate content. Even block the transfer of private data such as phone and credit card numbers. You no longer have to worry about the safety and security of your kids when they're online.
    Kaspersky PURE Total Security activation
    Licensed for three separate PCs.
    Kaspersky PURE Total Security installation
    Easily set up to maintain the security of all PCs on your network.
    Safeguard Your Digital Identity
    Includes unique features focused on keeping your passwords and personal data safe and secure while you shop, bank, work, and play online. The latest in anti-phishing technologies protect you from even the sneakiest of attacks. Password Manager securely stores your digital identity, conveniently logs you on to web sites with a single mouse-click, and automatically fills in web forms. Plus, Virtual Keyboard allows you to use mouse-clicks to enter your private data (such as credit card numbers and passwords), so it can't be tracked or stolen by keyloggers, hackers, or identity thieves.
    Protect Your Digital Assets
    Every day you're storing more and more of your photos, music, videos, and personal and financial information on your computer. You no longer have to worry about the loss, theft, or corruption of those treasured digital assets. Automatic backup & restore ensures your assets' integrity. Encrypted, password-protected file vault allow you to securely store and transfer files. When you're ready to delete them, file shredder irreversibly wipes them off your system.

    What You Get With Kaspersky

    • Real-time protection from viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, botnets, and more
    • Award-winning technologies for complete defense from known and emerging online threats
    • Centrally view and manage the security of all PC's in your home network
    • Small, frequent updates that won't slow you down
    • Intelligent scanning for maximum PC performance
    • Award-winning Parental Controls keep your kids safe and responsible
    • Password Manager and Virtual Keyboard provide maxmum protection for your digital identity
    • Safe Run mode for opening suspicious programs and wesites
    • Best-in-class two-way firewall to keep hackers at bay
    • Leading anti-spam and anti-banner technologies
    • File shredder irreversibly deletes private or confidential data
    • Automatic backup & restore ensures your data's integrity
    • Encryption vault for storing and transferring your valuable information
    • Free North American-based technical support via phone, email & chat
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