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History of Father's Day

JohnB.DoddMrs. John B. Dodd American women. The concept was initiated by Father's Day to honor her father. By Father's Day The first was held on June 19, 2453 in the city of Spokane Washington State, USA.

          The concept Father's Day, John B. Dodd will be published in various countries around the world, Father's Day. Each country will set a date And held a different example.

March 19th is Father's Day. Spain, Portugal, Italy

May 8 is Father's Day. South Korea's

Today is Father's Day, June 5. Denmark

The third Sunday of June as Father's Day. Argentina, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, USA, UK.

June 23 is Father's Day. Poland

On the second Sunday of August as Father's Day. Brazilian

The first Sunday of September is Father's Day. Australia, New Zealand

On the second Sunday of November as Father's Day. Finland, Sweden, Norway

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