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SpokeGrenade Headlight Helmet Mount

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SpokeGrenade Headlight Helmet Mount

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  • Extra long velcro style straps for flexible mounting options
  • Light weight
  • MagicShine Compatible

Product Descriptions

Imagine that you are bombing down a trail at night, hit a switchback, and try to look into the turn to see what is next only to realize that your light is still pointing down hill. You need a light on your helmet!
Having a light (or two) on your handlebars is great for lighting the trail in front of your bike but sometimes you need to see around the next turn BEFORE you get to it. The SpokeGrenade Helmet Mount gives you a light weight and stable platform to mount one of your SpokeGrenade headlights on your helmet so the light goes where you look.
Roadies should consider using a helmet mount as well. The higher your light the easier it is for motorists to notice you and give you the space you need.
Put one in your shopping cart today and experience night riding like never before!
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