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Green Gear Hand Jammies Large

Climbing Shoes
for Your Hands
With extra sticky rubber on the back and soft
flexible leather cuffs, HAND JAMMIES® will
instantly improve your crack climbing, and
your attitude! Strong, comfortable and
“Taping up for crack climbing has always been a
time-consuming chore, and removing the tape
afterwards is a pain. Many year ago, I bought a
pair of Spider Mitts: pre-made crack gloves with
no palm and sticky rubber on the back of the
hand. They worked pretty well, but when I lost
them, I couldn’t justify the US$75 (A$99 RRP) tag
for replacements.
Now, there’s an affordable alternative. Green
Gear Hand Jammies are very similar in design to
Spider Mitts, but they only cost A$59.95. Though
the rubber on the Hand Jammies is a bit thinner
than on the original Spiders, it’s wider across the
hand for better fist jams and stacking. And, unlike
the originals, the knuckles on the Hand Jammies
are padded too. The leather on the wrists is a bit
stiff at first, but that will break in after you grunt
up a few cracks.
While tape is still cheaper (in the short run), Hand
Jammies are a lot faster to put on, grip the rock
better and won’t rip the hair from your hands
when you take them off. You can even turn them
around for technical palming.”

SECURE . . .
Hand Jammies® employ a new double Velcro™
wrist cuff that allows a more secure fit, giving
you the confidence to push higher grades.
Because they wrap over and under the wrist
bone, they can be worn loose and comfortable
and still be secure when jammed.
With the stickiest and strongest rubber in the
world, Hand Jammies® can be clipped on your
harness through the convenient karabiner hole,
and ready for any crack crisis.

Gear Hand Jammies Large

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Hand Jammies are similar to climbing shoes for your hands. This glove-like crack tool eliminates time spent taping and provides full hand coverage, allowing you to climb all day with no loss of flesh even on the nastiest rock!Always pay through Shopping Cart or 1-Click.Your purchase will be protected by the A-to-Z Safe Buying Guarantee. Never respond to requests to send funds via wire transfer. Learn more about Safe Online Shopping. Details [Read more Green Gear Hand Jammies Large]