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Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Chronograph

Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Chronograph
From Suunto

List Price: $329.00 - $390.00
Price: $286.00 - $488.60

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Product Description

The Suunto XLander Watch combines all the features of a watch with a bit more pizzaz? an altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, and a complete calendar clock, all housed in a high-tech, stylish aluminum casing. Use the altimeter to track your ascent as you tackle that burly hike. The barometer clues you in to changing weather conditions and the electronic compass keeps you on track. Always remember your significant other's birthday as the complete calendar clock keeps you up to date. Suunto equipped the XLander with a mineral crystal glass face and a carbon fiber back to ensure maximum durability.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #21412 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Brand: Suunto


  • Silver wrist-top computer with altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer
  • Altimeter offers range of up to 29,500 feet and automatic 24-hour memory
  • Displays current barometric pressure and temperature; 4-day barometric memory
  • Compass boasts cardinal bearing, North-South arrow, and declination setting
  • Stopwatch with split-time measurement; water-resistant to 100 feet; 2-year warranty

Editorial Reviews Product Description
The ultimate option for the outdoor enthusiast, the silver Suunto X-Lander wrist-top computer offers an accurate altimeter, a complete barometer, a precise electronic compass, and a multifunction sports watch in a single elegant package. Regardless of your excursion--whether it's climbing mountains, riding a muddy bike track, or skiing off piste--you need accurate, real-time information about your surroundings to pull off a successful trip. The X-Lander contributes by not only providing important data, but also keeping track of your activities so you can make rational decisions at key moments. In addition, the watch is user-friendly and solidly built, with a non-allergenic aluminum casing, a carbon-fiber back, a durable mineral crystal glass, and a water-resistant fabric strap.
The built-in altimeter, which boasts a range of up to 29,500 feet, puts all 14 of the world's 8,000-plus-meter summits within the avid climber's range. Among the altimeter's functions are an altitude measurement function that lets you follow the vertical progress between stages, an automatic 24-hour memory that stores the altitude and ascent/decent rate for every hour, and an adjustable altitude alarm. Climbers will also dig the logbook function, which lets you record total and cumulative vertical ascents and descents as well as the number of runs skied.
The X-Lander also displays the current barometric pressure and temperature--a must for activities in which weather plays a factor. The device automatically records barometric data for the previous four days, with the first six hours manifested in one-hour intervals and the rest in six-hour intervals. When the reference altitude is set correctly, the instrument also displays the present sea level pressure, which makes it easier to read and understand the barometric pressure at high altitudes.
And few things are more important when exploring unfamiliar territory than a compass. The X-Lander's electronic compass contributes by guiding you with cardinal or half- cardinal points and a North-South arrow. The compass can also be set to track a certain bearing, which helps you follow a chosen direction. Meanwhile, the unit's declination adjustment function allows you to correct the difference between true North and magnetic North.
In addition to the variety of outdoor functions, the X-Lander also displays normal time, with such add-ons as three daily alarms, a calendar programmed to the year 2089, a stopwatch with split-time measurement, and a countdown timer. Other features include a durable negative LCD display, a user-replaceable battery, and water-resistance to 100 feet. The X-Lander is backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.
What's in the Box?
X-Lander wrist-top computer, battery, user's manual.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews
36 of 38 people found the following review helpful.
5Almost Perfect!
By J. Janssen
I recently ordered this watch from Amazon as a companion for a LTt Observer to wear in the field. While the Observer is a more updated model they both share very similiar features and ease of operation.

My first recommendation is that you do order this from and be wary of the same item offered by "market place sellers". At the time I initially placed the order was out and the wait was estimated to be 3 to 5 weeks. Since the item was also offered by another seller in amazon's referral system I placed an order and wound up with the wrong watch; turns out the market place seller didn't carry the black face model. Fortunately amazon got a supply in and shipped my watch within 24 hours....good service. The black face is a little hard to come by.

Now then, to the watch itself. First of all it IS big...but very light; almost as light as the titanium Observer I have. The larger face makes it easier to read and Suunto has apparently gone back to the leather (waterproof) band, which I prefer. Functionally, the watch is a full blown time keeper and (non GPS) navigation system including stop watch/chronometer functions, an accurate altimeter, a barometer and digital compass. Both the compass and the altimeter are as accurate as I've found in analog portable units. The alarms are sufficiently loud (unlike the only chink in the Observer) and my only criticism is that the back light is weak compared to the Observer, but that fault doesn't draw anything away from the 5 star rating. Add the user replaceable battery (Suunto makes a kit that includes the battery, a water/dust seal and a new cap), the intuitive operating system and you have the ultimate back country time piece.

Suunto was the first to offer this type of time piece and, in my opinion, still offers the best. I've used their diving computers and field compasses for years and am a fan of the company's many products. I don't think there's a clunker in the catalog.
27 of 28 people found the following review helpful.
4Supreme acurracy from this small suunto device
By Antony McNaughton
This time piece rocks with accuracy in the mountains of + or - 10 meters it is very useful for expeditions in unchartered territory.
Short of having maps programmed into it, it can be used in confidence in conjuction with a map to more easily work out where you are located and the compass is beneficial to assist in getting from point A to B.
Coupled with this accuracy its robust design means at can be taken anywhere without damage or breakage.
Additionally the barometer functions assist comprehensively in predicting weather patterns as well as adjustment to altimeter settings.
Their are two quams however with this instrument:
1. The Compass is very sensitive to movements off the horizontal plane i.e accurate readings can only be taken off flat and still locations. Approximate directions can be taken when the watch is on the wrist but the equipment is far more accurate when in its horizontal and still state.
2. When operation occurs in certain weather patterns (e.g Cyclonic and rain depression or Anti-Cyclonic conditions)when the barometer is at both extremes of the pressure scale requires adjustment to reset correct altimeter conditions and hence changing weather conditions will affect the accuracy of the altimeter.
Overall, a fine timepiece for any outdoorsmen who requires accuracy, consistency and reliability.
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4Reliable, rugged, clear and easy to use
By Huey
I've had this watch for 2yrs+ now and have just changed the (user serviceable) battery for the first time, as the compass had stopped working. This is to be expected as it uses more power than the other functions (but it does have auto-off in the compass mode after a time to save energy). There is no bubble level on this model as it has a mineral crystal glass instead of the usual plastic. I have knocked this watch so many times against things and there are many surface 'threads' you can see given the right light, but no truly visible damage, like big gouges or cracks like the plastic would show. The logbook feature is a great asset. Based on a rolling record (oldest record deleted when the memory becomes full), the logbook records Altitude and can be set to different sample rates (e.g. depending on whether you are walking, climbing, driving, etc.) and includes a record of greatest height. The logbook cannot be deleted (but as stated records over itself) but the max height can be reset independantly. The backlight is a little dim, but fine to keep your night vision, and the temperature does not compensate for being on or off your wrist (like some Casio models can). For a large watch (you won't lose it!) it is quite lightweight, with an aluminium case and carbon shell it also looks great. The new Ti models do not have the same clarity of display though so I would say stick to this screen size, but maybe get the heart rate monitor (HRM) model if you also exercise (cycle, etc) - it's only a small premium and it *is* a Polar model! I imagine the batteries might last less time due to the HRM receiver, but this at least is user-serviceable (and retains the watches environmental integrity, unlike changing a Casio battery). The only sad thing is the screenprinted/anodised(?) graphics for the points of the compass rose are wearing off - Suunto take note, laser etch/engrave them next time!! Sighting grooves in the bezel would be useful too, for taking bearings, but at least the bezel stays smooth as silk on this model as it has ball bearing detents rather than the friction-based ring the plastic housings have which stiffen up so you can't use them.
A few minor details aside (like a strap not long enough to go over your coat - just get an velcro Animal strap - and the print wearing off, and maybe the price), this is a cracking product, rated up there with the Garmin eTrex Legend GPS :-)
If you want a barometer, altimeter, compass, thermo & HRM in a decent, reliable, user-friendly package, this is it!
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Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Chronograph

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