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Sunforce 50180 80W Solar Charging kit by Sunforce

  • Made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells
  • Amorphous panels work in all daylight conditions and even on cloudy days
  • Maintenance free and easy to install
  • Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge at night
  • Includes 7 ampere charge controller and 300 Watts power inverter

 Sunforce 50180 80W Solar Charging kit

I bought two sets (8 panels) and mounted them on top of the RV, I have them on top of my RV now for about 8 months.

When I received the unit I tested each of them for the voltage specified in the instruction on digital meter and found each to be producing 21 volts unloaded. The supported installation was working properly, I go ahead and take the time and expense of installing them to the top of my RV.

After 8 months, here is what I found.

First of all, 15 watts, 1 amp maximum current rating of impressions Sunforce Invalid votes exports for each of these panels should have been advertised at approximately 750 milliamps per panel. Total exports, one would normally expect from a four panels in this series will be around 3 amps 3 amps under perfect conditions.

ฉัน ได้พบว่าคณะกรรมการเป็นอย่างมากมีแนวโน้มที่จะลดลงขนาดใหญ่ (มากกว่า 45%) ในการส่งออกในปัจจุบันเมื่อพวกเขาเริ่มที่จะร้อนขึ้น ในคำอื่น ๆ ที่คณะกรรมการมีความทนต่ออุณหภูมิสูง But even under perfect conditions 8 panels that I have installed on my RV only produced 6 amps and I was in Hawaii.

Another problem: the board shut down in situations with low light, in other words, the morning light and afternoon following the cloud significantly or other situations where there is little light is the cause for all closed down. Export or board will be very poor performers - in the low milliamps for 8 panels in parallel.

Within a very short period of time (about 4 months) output from the panels gradually decreased by almost 50% and now I get about 40% of total exports in advertising. conditions.Read Complete more>
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Innovative design from China, packaging needs help.
The HMMWV TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on 20 January 2008.
Size Name: 60 watt confirm your order.
* ปรับปรุง * 6-2010 ในขณะที่การติดตั้งเดิมของฉันจะยังคงทำงานที่แข็งแกร่งตราบใดที่ข้าท่อพวก เขาลงเดือนละครั้งผมสังเกตเห็นว่าท่อพีวีซีที่มีให้จะถือพวกเขาในสถานที่ have become vulnerable to sunlight, that is why I now live in 20/20 jersey after advice Krylon Fusion Dover White Plastic satin Spray paint on a piece of PVC to prevent UV cracking. later in life I do not think the product Krylon Fusion is the first time I installed my first panel. But UV cracking of the support structure could cause panel damage in years 2 and 3.

While Amazon has their hands in the panel Sharp some obsolete and discontinued (% performance vs 13.1% performance 12.5) - If you are serious about having a lot of energy in a small space, this is a great set - you. can be found here: Sunforce 39126 246 watt high efficiency. Polycrystalline Solar kit

My concern is only about the series is caused by the installation of new higher efficiency means it will be difficult to match the installation if you find that you still have to use more energy. later in the other con is the price - $ 1,300 +, but you get the wattage with control cost and cheap inverter, both of which have been upgraded to a better system performance. It's just another solar system to be considered in watts / $ 5 or less for the pricepoint DIYers.

 by TommyCel

Panels installed on the roof of my garage in to a battery bank and inverter which serves as the main (4KW) uninterruptible power supply for large houses. Until now, all the good work. They keep the battery without using power from the grid.
As with most details on the manufacturer's claim of 60 watts is difficult to know. The output current panel 'Is about 3.2 amps under bright sun, which yields only about 45 watts into a 12 volt gel batteries 14.2 volt panels can output about 20 volts, which will definitely give. yield 60 watts, but not while connected with the included charge controller MPPT controller would achieve 60 watts.
The control is acceptable in that it works as advertised. One good thing about it is that it does not break the panel when the battery is charged, it actually opens the circuit, which means that the output panel than would be available for other uses, I intend to build another device for charging the battery pack. after the primary series is cost.
The inverter works But I have not used it in the system. But I'll just keep it around for a portable inverter.
Also, I did not take the stand comes with a PVC pipe system instead of mounting directly to the roof.
Set includes a variety of interfaces to be used with cigarette lighter plugs and jacks, alligator clips and wires. But cost control is only active if the wiring. I encourage cost control will be used while installing easily overcharge most any 12-volt battery if control costs are in line
By Michael